Welcome to Biryanis


With several chains of restaurants under our umbrella in the United States, Biryanis is a concept crafted for the Indian Customers interested in Indian-American-Mexican fusion foods from the traditional Dum Biryani to the Burritos and Burgers.


Our Vision

By 2020, Biryanis goal is to expand across other regions of India promoting the Biryanis brand and becoming nationally known for its Indian-American-Mexican fusion Cuisine. It's goal is to have a presence in every cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities within India and have the best team providing the best food for its food craving customers.


Our Mission

To attain the highest regards in customer service and satisfaction, to provide the best quality Indian-American-Mexican fusion food and to ensure that our customers are paying the fairest prices.


Our Values

As a corporation, Biryanis lives by the two core values:

  • Work with integrity and honesty
  • Provide the best food to our customers

These core values have been critical to our success, as they are the foundation of our organization and have defined us as a Company, setting us apart from our competitors.